While delegates from all corners of the world participate UNFCCC climate negotiations in Copenhagen (COP15) and these days they try to find a way how to tackle CO2 emissions, under their feet lies the clean energy source that could cover the total demand for electricity and heat in Denmark, informs.

An extensive geological exploration – GEUS – indicates that the pores of sandstone subsoil under Copenhagen creates good conditions for exploiting geothermal heat in region of Copenhagen as well as in the other ones in country. This amount of energy would cover the entire energy consumption of Denmark, no question about it. Therefore, it is a kind of irony that while COP15 participants find all manner of difficult solutions for political agreement, the simple answer lies just under their feet.

Should be one able to exploit geothermal potential of Denmark entirely, this would over-exceed Danish total energy consumption by 70 times, writes Michael von Bülow on official COP15 web portal. He adds that this number is several times higher than former data of the energy group DONG Energy estimated.

This time, there are only two geothermal power plants in Denmark – in Thisted and Amager. At the same time, the geological exploration suggests that in future additional 32 fossil power plants could be converted into geothermal ones, if such steps would find economically feasible solutions. In addition, in 2011 the third geothermal power plant in Sonderborg should come into operation, concludes.

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