Geothermal Europe: Erding

In series of articles “Geothermal Europe”, case by case we would like to introduce the ways, how geothermal energy is being used in Europe. The first project is geothermal solution in German city Erding. There are two main projects: aquapark Therme Erding and the energy solution for Erding city.


The biggest geothermal aquapark in Europe is located in German Erding. This balneology project uses natural thermal water of the temperature 63 Celsius degrees. Geothermal well is deep 2.350 meters. The temperature in pools varies from 33 to 40 Celsius degrees. As the main minerals in water were identified sulphur and fluorides. For the first time, this compex had been opened on 3rd October 1999. The costs for project reach EUR 100 mil. In average, there are about 1,4 million visitors per year coming to Therme Erding.

Just for illustration, here is the video how geothermal heat can be used for wellnes and relax:

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More technical and additional chemical information you will find on its page.


Not only for relax and joy, but as well as an energy solution, Erding city uses geothermal power as a source of heat and steam for electricity production. District of Erding uses balneology geothermal water as a fuel for heating systems and power plants, which supplies the whole city. This project has been realized by company Evonik Industries.

There are a few geothermal wells of a depth about 3-4 kilometers. Total amount of investments varies from EUR 4 to 10 million per well, depending on concrete geological properties and possible drilling problems.

Geothermal power plants in Erding uses two geothermal cycles: ORC and Kalina. Altogether, project has power capacity of 5 Megawatts.

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