When we today checked the statistics of Geothermania‘s Facebook site, we were really surprised. We found the most active fans among young women. The dominant age category are ladies from 25 to 34 years (40 percents). There may be two reasons for that:

  • whether we are handsome,
  • or geothermal technology is sexy.

If you look at our profiles (here), maybe you would observe that our professional background is attractive. At the same time, to be honest, you would probably observe that those four faces of strange men are not so sexy… Therefore the second reasons seems to be right – at least for us…

Yes, the geothermal energy and innovative technology are those two sexy things, which ladies love! At the same time, we love the technology as well and that‘s the reason why we spare some part of our time and dedicate it to this blog.

For your interest, here is the screenshot referring to statistics above:

Still hesitating? Open your Facebook and just join us… :-)

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  1. I was surprised that ladies are so interested in the geothermal energy, but honestly, I was really happy that I’m finally in the sector where high tech is the cardinal player and still girls like it a lot.

    But at the same time I started to think about it and I came to following reasons:

    1. Geothermal has natural connection to the Mother Earth, which for me is the closest meaning in the Nature Dictionary for “Woman”.

    2. Geothermal means “Green” which is the synonym for Nature, which evokes emotions, sensation, passion, scent, flavor and other non tangibles which has natural affection to our gentle part of the humankind.

    3. Geothermal energy evokes heat which is out there and has ability to protect and give energy for life and attract at the same time. (likewise men do)

    4. Geothermal has positive influence on the Climate Change, which attract, make vigilant and give possibility to defend our Mother Earth to our “Beauties”

    Ladies… what do you think about these thoughts?

  2. Ladies from 25 to 34 years, right age category for starting right business or family :) “Mother Earth” offers us a lot of energy, so why not to think of it, how to take it? We are trying, and it gives us plenty of positive energy to know that hundreds of people are supporting us.

  3. Wow, the age of 25 is then the most suitable for starting the best things in life :-)) Good to know… So, as the man in 25, I should expect 9 full years of happiness and prosperity :-))

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