Geothermal Anywhere company and its partners received together three public grants of total US$ 3,700,000 from EU funds (more information here). The first one we described in the previous article. This flagship project is focused on core rock disintegration technology. The other two, with the total value of almost US$1,600,000, aim to do research and development of two pillars of the ULTRADRILL technology.

The strategic target of second pillar project is to develop resistant control and sensory system, which could be used in industrial environment characterized by high pressure and high temperature as well as the level of electro-magnetic interference. The control system must be resistant to temperatures of 400 Celsius degrees as well as to pressure of 1,000 bars (100 MPa) and their various combinations. The whole system is appointed to work as element embedded to the overall technological processes – in other words, it will be the part of GADigger, drilling to depths of 6-10 kilometers.

The resistant control and sensory system could be used not only in the geothermal drilling, but technology itself has potential for other industry segments. It could be used in metallurgicall welding processes, military industry as well as in new hybrid electric vehicles.

The strategic target of the third pillar project is to research and develop innovative, high voltage source of energy fueling special plasma jets generating the destructive energy for rock disintegration. As we described in the flagship project article, these jets will replace traditional drill bits, based on contact method of rock disintegration.

Developed technology has also potential in several industry segments due to main advantage of the environmental aspect of energy source. It can be used in facilities with metal processing, in agriculture, health as well as deep drilling for hydrocarbon industry.

Geothermal Anywhere leads and executes these two projects via two partner technology companies – EkoWatt and Ecoland, both based in Slovakia. One task will be implemented with the cooperation of Slovak Academy of Science, the second one with University of Zilina. The project leaders are now looking for other strategic partners experienced in EGS system as well as financial investors.

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