After a few months of publishing blogspots, during the very recent days, we were considering the ways, how we could personalize Geothermania Innovation blog. We‘ve thought that maybe you were interested in our career background, so we decided to offer a brief information about ourselves. Each member of blog team wrote a few sentences about himself, so here you are:

Michal HudecMICHAL (Facebook or LinkedIn)

I am the editor in chief at, at the same tme co-founder and CEO of Slovak web daily, which is about to become fully online in March 2010. It will be focused solely on energy issues. In addition, I am the youngest member of Geothermania team and the only one with education on field of social science. Beside the cooperation with Geothermal Anywhere company, I have successfully cooperated on content making as well as promotion with various specialized and information web portals in Slovakia and abroad. From time to time I participate on projects‘ management as consultant – all in area of research and development.

Currently, my main professional interest is energy and the possibilities for pushing this issue forward on the web. In this regard, Geothermania is one showcase, will become the other one soon. I am interested in it not only from the technology view, but at the same time from perspective of future challenges and international energy politics and geopolitics as well.

I‘ve been discovering Internet opportunities since I was seventeen. Initially I was a free-time amateur developer of HTML, PHP and Flash online applications, then I turned into enthusiast focusing rather on content strategy and promotion. From time to time I write also my personal blog.

Igor KocisIGOR (Facebook or LinkedIn)

In 2008 I was the member of the team that invented a revolutionary concept of a cost effective deep drilling robotic system for accessing vast sources of geothermal energy. Currently my primary professional interest is to successfully manage technology projects acquisitions and the fund-raising to be able to research, develop and launch breakthrough technologies competitive on a global scale. I am co-founder and co-owner of Geothermal Anywhere company.

I have been improving engineering, business development and managerial leadership experience since 1994 – since founding the startup technology company oriented on security and process automation for military, police and public safety segments. From 2001 to 2008 I led ARDACO company as its Chairman and CEO. My team was composed of 50 people. The ideas were implemented like a venture capital backed-up company. By creating the holding structure we successively consolidated several teams and technologies into one operational entity able to create, develop and launch our products and solutions worldwide. We were involved in several international projects in the area of seamless secure communication, the most important was a 12 million Euro project provided by the European Commission. We joined together 13 recognized partners from industries and universities.

Now clean technologies are my primary domain, dedicating my entire professional time and effort to develop and expand new ultra deep drilling technology for rapid growth of geothermal energy utilization.

Tomas KristoficTOMAS (Facebook or LinkedIn)

I have around 15 years experience in the development and management of R&D projects. I am the expert on research and development in area of technology for ultra deep drilling. I have an experience with the coordination of several SME’s and universities in common course. Nowadays I work for Geothermal Anywhere company and I am its co-founder and co-owner.

Prior to that, as a co-founder of ARDACO I was responsible for technology projects in the area of secure communication. This broad range of experience has provided me with good knowledge and skills in the area of process automation and embedded system communication preserving robustness or reliability in harsh environments. During this period, I also took seat in the steering board of recognized European Technological Platform Artemisia oriented towards advanced research and technology for embedded systems, key enabler for innovation in major industries like robotics, machinery, public infrastructures, aero planes, cars or consumer electronics. I was also responsible for project preparation and implementation under Framework Program 7 of the European Commission, developing the project consortium consisting of the leading industries, universities and SME’s with budgets over 15 million Euros.

Before that I was in different positions in several technology companies. Important position was the Chairman of the Board of Silentel – secure communication company. I was responsible for managing Silentel‘s development projects and for the day-to-day management of company‘s external affairs. Prior to that after finishing Slovak Technical University (1996), I co-founded Taureus, a company active in security, safety and automation processes.

Dusan KocisDUSAN (Facebook or LinkedIn)

I am a co-author of the ultra deep drilling concept of Geothermal Anywhere (I am also co-founder and co-owner of the company). I bring over 12 years of experience in the R&D and on field of commercialization of knowledge. This time I focus on development and promotion of new clean geothermal technologies oriented on substantially increase efficiency.

Prior to the Geothermal Anywhere, I had spent 7 years as a Member of the Board and COO of the ARDACO Company. During that period I led a team that was developing special communication systems for new mobile platforms and devices. Before that in 90’s, I was a driving force behind the technological group of developers and analysts that successfully developed state-of-art systems on the field of special automation algorithms for secure document processing and to combat against fraud.

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  2. Dear Ifnaldi,

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