On 24th June 2010, the first workshop of coordinating group took the place in Bratislava, whose aim is to prepare future founding of Slovak National Technology Platform ‘geoEnergia’. The kick-off meeting’s date has been set for Autumn 2010.

Since last Thursday, the preparation phase of future founding of geoEnergia technology platform has begun. The research and development in Slovakia is about to be boosted at kick-off meeting planned for the Autumn. It will become the first platform in Slovakia focused solely on the issue of geothermal energy as well as related research and development of drilling methods.

The first workshop with the outcome of preparing geoEnergia took place on 24th June 2010 in Bratislava, with attendance of 15 participants from universities, innovative SMEs and public administration (comprehensive information and more details you would find on Geothermania tomorrow), including us – the Geothermal Anywhere company. Representatives of the governmental sector expressed the support for establishing such technology platform, dealing with geothermal energy.

The first among the workshops was organized by the Agency for geothermal power engineering (AGEO), in which we are the founding members.

In regards of EU level, currently there are just two technology platforms in this field: GEOELEC (ETP for geothermal energy) and the Geothermal Panel included in Renewable Heating & Cooling ETP. In our opinion, technology platforms are one of the most effective ways how to support geothermal technology research, development and innovations useful „for real life“.

Due to focusing of geoEnergia primarly on Slovak stakeholders, we attach more detailed information on this link in Slovak (information available also on AGEO’s web). At the same time, some photos from the first workshop you would find on our Facebook fan page soon.

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