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EGS stands for Enhanced Geothermal Systems, sometimes called Engineered Geothermal Systems as well. This title represents the scale of a new type of geothermal technologies, enabling to exploit geothermal potential in areas without underground natural hot water streams or natural hot water reservoirs. In other words, if natural conditions do not allow to use hot… » read more

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Energy under our feet, geothermal power, represents de facto unlimited clean, stable and reliable source of energy. As we wrote before, geothermal power can be the best answer and energy solution nowadays, but its bulky potential remains almost unused. According to various scientific estimations, Earth accumulates 10E31 Joules of energy (“E” represents “mathematical exponent”). It… » read more

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Mankind nowadays faces the challenge of finding balance between the economic growth, finding new ways of promoting concept of energy security as well as mitigating ever deepening climate change. Finding solution reflects various factors; from the level of technological research and development, through financial resources and commercial viability, to long-term visions and goals. Current policy… » read more

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