On Sunday (14th June) Geothermania Energy Innovation Blog site on Facebook counted the first 100 fans. In light of fact that we started approximately just one month ago, one can perceive this number of fans in group as a great success. Therefore we would like to thank all supporters and readers of ours.

We would like to also invite other fans of geothermal energy and energy innovation to join us on Facebook and become the fan of Geothermania site. You can visit our profile on Facebook by clicking on this link.

In addition, we also established the group on LinkedIn. Users of LinkedIn are welcome to join us as well. Feel free and visit us on this link.

Explore and enjoy the great potential of geothermal energy, clean and sustainable one.

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  1. Yes, one hundred looks without any promotion or ads quite pleasant for the beginning. It is very important to inform people about new ways to solve energy and environmental problems that are day after day more pressing.

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