Travelling to Vegas

These days, we take the part at the 3rd Annual Geothermal Finance and Investment Summit in Las Vegas. At the same time, geothermal energy sector becomes more and more self-confident to offer the solution for rising demand on wider using of renewable sources.

The most influence investors, project developers, contractors and the other stakeholders, meet from 8th to 10th March 2010 in Las Vegas in U.S. in order to discuss prospects for near future. And so we do as well.

Geothermal Anywhere company takes the part. Our colleagues flew away to U.S. on very early Monday. We are glad we could share and compare our opinions, our ULTRADRILL technology concept as well as contact-less drilling methods with the ones of the other experts.

Hopefully, we are open for networking, closing the deals on cooperation or the other ways of joining forces together in order to bring the end of exponential growth of costs for drilling process in depths of 6 – 10 kilometers.

We have been in Vegas these days not for gambling and hazard, but for introducing our platform and confronting the views on research.

We also look forward to talk with the investors, who, as we believe, are the core group in regards of further support of ultra deep drilling systems’ innovation and development.

Dear friends, keep us the fingers crossed, while we take the part at the Summit in Vegas. Have a nice day from Nevada desert.

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