Geothermal Anywhere‘s ULTRADRILL robotic platform is composed of seven components, we wrote on Tuesday. The one that stands in the core is called GADigger.

GADigger is responsible for the rock disintegration. Despite the classical drilling methods, this one uses PLASMABIT technology. It is not the method based on physical contact between the rock and the drilling platform, but is exploit’s the destructive power of thin ray of fluid under extreme pressure. PLASMABIT is radically innovative technology with the penetration rate comparable to the best present technologies. This is the key for GADigger being so effective.

GADigger can be characterized by greater drilling diameter and works quite well also under extreme pressure around, in space with high temperature as well as with extreme load and dirt.

All in all, GADigger equipped with PLASMABIT technology, has the ability to drill economically regardless the depth – it means also in depths from 6 to 10 kilometers. This is the key advantage of ULTRADRILL drilling platform itself.

Today, if we talk about classical contact-drilling methods, the costs start to increase exponentially in depths of 5-6 kilometers. Therefore, building wells of depths 6-10 km has almost no economic sense, whether in geothermal or hydrocarbon industry. In addition, classical methods for ultra deep drilling are quite time consuming. GADigger is another – it represents the radical innovation in drilling.

Picture no.1: Model of single drilling unit (PLASMABIT technology)
Picture no.2: Model of multimodal high energy jets organized in parallel way covering hole surface of the drilling.

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