Last week, we started the series of articles describing the ULTRADRILL – our technology concept and robotic platform for ultra deep drilling in depths 6 kilometers (and deeper) in hydrocarbon as well as geothermal drilling industry.

ULTRADRILL itself is composed of 7 cornerstones, or components if you wish. The names of all of them start with GA capitals representing Geothermal Anywhere – the technology company that stands behind the whole research and development:

  • GADigger
  • GABuilder
  • GATransporter
  • GALoader
  • GAExchanger
  • GAPower
  • GASupervisor

Well, how it works? On the picture, you can see all 7 components one by one. GADigger (1) drills the hole, while GABuilder (2) works parallel to drilling process and builds the pipe of the well. GATransporter (3) brings the fillings used by GADigger as well as GABuilder. Once the container is down, it turns into GALoader (4), which transports drilled rock from the bottom to the surface. GAExchanger (5) unloads loader and turns it into GATransporter. Finally, GASupervisor (6) and GAPower (7) are „the brain and the heart“ of ULTRADRILL – they are responsible for control and energy supplies.

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