Last Friday the new project GEONET has started. It is administrated by Geothermal Anywhere company, with the support of ERDF (European Regional Development Fund). Under project, international team met for the first time last week and set up the objectives and goals for next year. The first activity should be the Opening Conference, which we will hold in January 2010. We are about to invite various well-known experts to discuss the geothermal research issues in region of Central and Eastern Europe.

In region of Central Europe, there are many innovative subjects working on geothermal field. as well as Geothermal Anywhere company would like to share close links with all of them on field of geothermal research. Despite the potential and our effort, the level of real cross-border cooperation remains low today. And this is the space for GEONET.

In this stage, GEONET will focus its attention on cross-border cooperation linked to electricity production, while exploiting the potential of geothermal energy.

One of the expected outcomes of GEONET is the access to knowledge transferred from abroad. This time, the subjects in Central and Eastern Europe face the barriers, while trying to access that knowledge. GEONET is platform created for SMEs (small and medium enterprises), universities, research institutes and centers of excellence. We hope this project will enhance the links between the academia and businesses. The cooperation will be focused on various parts of geothermal utilization like mechanical engineering, robotics, physics, ICT, geology or hydrology research.

GEONET is open for all, who would like to join and cooperate. We will keep you informed about its activities – opening conference, three workshops dedicated to selected geothermal energy topics and closing conference.

Just for illustration, two pictures from GEONET’s founding meeting: The first picture (from left to right): Ivan Kocis (RPIC), Igor Kocis (Geothermal Anywhere), Jan Cura (SOVVA), Arpad Kovats, Bianka Macsodi, Peter Csizmar (all from SCCI). The second one: Jan Cura (SOVVA), Igor Kocis (Geothermal Anywhere), Ivan Kocis (RPIC), Peter Csizmar, Bianka Macsodi (both from SCCI).

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