It is a middle of summer, time for holidays. It looks that also here is quiet, but impression is incorrect. All people in Geothermal Anywhere Ltd. are now intensively working day and night on proposals for R&D under Agency of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic for the Structural Funds – with deadline August 10th. We believe it will be a significant milestone in funding of our research activities – in the case of success :)

If you are interested, and you understand Slovak, you will find some additional information about call for proposal on this link. For non-Slovak readers, very briefly, we have an opportunity to prepare successful project and reach financial help of EU money worthy from EUR 250 thousands to EUR 2 millions. This call for proposal will be founded under Operational Program Research and Development in Slovakia, while projects focused on applied research and technology transfer would be granted.

Please, keep your fingers crossed for us and for R&D on field of geothermal energy as well:-)

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